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tv   FOX and Friends First  FOX News  November 20, 2012 2:00am-3:00am PST

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>> good morning. i am patti ann browne. >> hirment childers. thank you for joining us. it is tuesday november 20th. thank you for watching "fox & friends first". >> it is time now for your 5@5:00. we begin with a fox news alert. secretary of state hillary clinton now being dispatched to the mid eels to a proo to end t crisis there. she is meeting with netanyahu in jerusalem also with palestinian and egyptian officials. >> it is for everybody to use their influence and voices to encourage people's outcomes
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rather than an escalation. again our bottom line is they are going to have to include an end to rocket fire. >> israelis are living in fear from relentless rocket attacks by gaza militants. they have three navy war ships. another fox news lart plans for americans. overnight the fli charged on terrorism charges. in afghanistan in july for terrorist training with al qaeda. it is believed the others to convert to islam and join him overseas. he also introduced them to the radical islamic doctor.
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he was killed by a u.s. drone. >> attorney general eric holder will honor president owe bam's request to stay on for the start of his second term. he will only remain on the job for about a year. a senior official says a president does not want a mass exodus from his cabinet. secretary of state hillary clinton and tim geithner already said they are leaving. and david petraeus resigned as cia director because of an affair. a judge ordering mediation for the maker of twinkies and hoe hoes and the striking union. the judge says there are serious questions since the union went on strike after rejecting hostesses contract after but never filed an objection to it. hostesses cce.
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when you sell them wonder bread and you name it. if you can't sell for a profit you are not in business. the talks are expect to do end today. >> oo they have a christmas tradition in santa monica, california. they denied a christian group's request to allow the display of a christian nativity while the lawsuit displays the nativity. >> it's something i grew up knowing. it's kind of sad. >> we would look nativity scenes. >> it was on the meals of a dispute after they this displays of anti god messages. the decision was not made to quash religious speech but they were starting to drant city resources. >> don't even think about it that is the message nearly 100 sent to oept bam ma about the
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prosible nomination of ambassador susan rice as the next secretary of state. she still faces widespread criticism for the islamic video. good morning. we learned from fox news katherine her rridge if it clos on friday david fete yassin cysted twice the cia memo about the fact included the terminal kwied and there was tremendous time pressure to get out the cia talking points and not relitigate every issue in the language up physicuntil now the official decisipot significance been termed extremist was not a political decision but congressional critics doubt that. they want to talk to susan rice about it.
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>> if you have a good friend of yours that would read everything you gave them. i am not the problem the process that led susan rice to miss informing the american people is the problem. she didn't just tell us it was a riot and a mob spawned by a video it was completely untrue. she completed that sunday. >> it was their best sense of what took place. >> fallout of the scandal 97 members of house all of the republicans oppose. ambassador rice is widely viewed as having either willfully or incompetently. the matter is partly being weakened by the powerful chairman of the senate intelligence committee diane fine stein a democrat who vowed
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to find out who took the language out of the cia talking points. >> thank you very much. >> it is time to take a look at who is talking and the possible nomination of the ambassador susan rice for secretary of state has tom mccain talking. the response to again zi the scandal surrounding libya is more widespread. >> the real issue here is not susan rice. it is before, during and after the total tail yours that this administration engaged in which has caused the deaths of these four brave americans. the warnings in the beginning which i have gone through with you in the past, the attacks on the consulate, the cables, august 16th message saying they could not resist a sustained attack from on the consulate to why in the world on
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september 11th there was no military capabilities over the reege gorn a fight. the president saying in a second debate that he had said that terrorist attack on september the 12th when in fact he didn't. we now know 60 minutes suppressed the interview where he stated we don't know who is responsible for these attacks and even the 25th of september before the united nations he talked about hateful videos. he had to have that information two weeks after the attacks. >> other big talker this morning the crisis in the middle east. we told you secretary of state hillary clinton is on his way to israel. she will engage in a series of talks with israeli palestinian and egyptian leaders. military analyst lieutenant colonel oliver north the only
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hope for peace in the region is to cut off the rocket supply in hamas. >> the only way to stop what's happening right now to the people of israel which is dozens of rockettes being fired against civilians is doing to the place where they all originate that's iran. the pressure ought not be put on the people of israel or the government of israel. what we are seeing is publicly obama goes out and says they have the irresponsibility paini inherent right of self defense. israelis are being warned not to go into the ground as they reported they are going to the he can of it. the pressure does not come diplomatically it comes by threatening to cut off the parks chain for f-15's and 16's they are going to need to keep the airplanes in the air and god forbid have to do a strike. >> clinton's first meeting will be with israeli prime minister netanyahu in jerusalem tomorrow. time now for your first
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degree weather update with maria molina. hi. one of the busiest travel days of the year tomorrow. is mother nature going to cooperate? >> finally good news for the lower 48. relatively quite weather conditions tomorrow and even for today. good news i am not seeing so many weather related traffic at the airport. temperatures will be well above average for a big chunk of the country including portions of the midwest and parts of the great lake regions. look at the high temperatures we are going to be seeing 25 degrees above average, 652 high temperature in minneapolis. 50 the high in new york city 58 degrees in raleigh, north caroli carolina. we are not expecting any major delays at the big airport hubs jfk looking good atlanta, chicago, dallas, denver and even in the west coast we have issues
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in northern portions in sdpat of californ -- state of california have had heavy rain up to 10 inches of rain and snow across portions of the cascades. we have picked up snow across the sierras. otherwise further east quiet a couple showers across the portions of the ohio valley. overall looking good for our travels. >> sounds great. thank you very much maria. >> now to some stories you can bank on this morning when you go to fill up before hitting the road this thanksgiving you may actually be paying less at the pump than you did earlier this month but it may be the most that you have ever paid for gas at thanksgiving. lauren simonetti from the fox business network joins us to explain all of this. kind of good news but then we had though throw the wrench into it. >> there are some things to be thankful for this thanksgiving. gas prices are declined you
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might have noticed national average $3.41 a gallon. that's the good news. now here's the bad news set on track for a record high thanksgiving day. last year 3.34 cents it shot down considerably between thanksgiving and the christmas holidays. while that is not expect this had year driver vs. seen a noticeable drop with the winter blends seasonedal decline. >> not expected to drop any further. >> gas prices slightly lower and stocks up. >> up big time. completely over sold due needed today when we got that yesterday thanks to better reports on housing market. that sent u.s. stocks through the roof. the dow and the s&p sending in the next performance of the month. the dow this their best month in july. volume was on the light side. it is a holiday shortened week. we will have to see if they gain
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6. >> hole sdhiertened week a lot of people will be out for holiday shopping. in next sto this next story isc. >> we are actually shopping for kids. it is a 90s come back christmas. some of the most ordered toys so far are throw back, look at this, elmo, polly pocket and fur by. those are some of the shipments we have seen. >> i love furby's. they are the fury ones you have to take care of. >> thank you very much lauren. we appreciate it. >> the time is 12 minutes after the top hour. a bombshell twist in the deadly home explosion. it is turning into a murder investigation. police are looking for the driver of a white van. it is a christmas classic. >> in case you were right linus,
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>> a massive house explosion in indianapolis that killed two people and left hundreds of people homeless. >> ainsley earhardt joins us now with why police now say this explosion has become a murder investigation. good morning. >> good morning. the story has changed authorities holding a press conference last night announcing while the cause of the blast is still being investigated a parallel investigation is also been going on to determine if any one is responsible. they say the case has been turned into a criminal one. it is now being investigated as a homicide.
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the announcement came within hours of the funeral which was held for the couple killed in the blast. john and jennifer longworth they live next door to the house where police think this blast originated. >> the people who lived in that house were out of town their daughter was at a friend's house and the pet was boarded at the time of the explosion. there's no word if the cops have any sues respects and no arrests have been made. details of the investigation cannot be shared at this time we urge any one with information about this matter to contact crime stoppers. specifically if any one has information about a white van we urge you to contact crime stoppers a neighbor told police he saw the white van driven by the man who lived in the house. they were also seen walking away
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from the home. they are offering 10,000 dollar award for information leading to an arrest. the cause still not determined at this point natural gas could not be a possibility. it had been for sale for about a year and taken off the market this past spring. >> it is time to brew on this. here's what we would like you to brew on today. >> on to you is born this day in the city of david a savior christ the lord. this should be a sign unto you. he shall find the him swaddled in clothes lying in a manger. >> a charlie brown christmas sparking controversy in a school in little rock arkansas. parents are up in arms over a field trip to see a stage version at a classic film to the church. the movie's religious theme and where it is being performed
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poses major problems. >> that lead us to the question of the day. do the parents receive a bah hum bug or a standing o? you can tweet them over to us@fox friends first or shoot us an e-mail at foxx i have a feeling we will get a lot on that one. >> 19 af tter the top of the ho daycare danger a new study says it could be making your child fat. what every parents needs to know that is up next. >> shoppers across the country some already lining up for black friday sales. turns out not every one is worth the wait. what are the hottest deals and steals this holiday season.
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>> welcome back. 22 after the top of the hour. could daycare be making your children gain weight? a study finds over a 6 year period kids at daycare on a regular basis were more than 50 percent likely to be over weight. not sure why physical activity and diet is done. >> hobby lobby might have lost its initial fight against obama care but it is far from over. >> they plan to appeal a judge's ruling after it's request for an injunction. despite the fact that not every deal is with the crowds. we have consumers here to look
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at the real deal. >> thank you. >> apple one of the real deals on black friday. >> right. black friday is one that offers the 25 percent off. when it comes to apple it's not a huge discount. it is smarter to shop at target. best buy offers you a 40-60 ol with an ipad: oo >> cook wear sets are a good-bye. door buster deal 49.99 for a 20 piece t fall set. you can go to kmart and get a similar 49.99 deal for fiber wear set. >> how much do they normally go? >> you are looking at almost 40, 30 percent savings. j.c. penney they have small
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kitchen appliances for $8 a disea piece that usually range $22. >> tools. you can get 50 percent off at stores like kmart. you can go to home depot and lowes you will find a great deal on power drills. kmart has a deal for 39.99 for cordless drill. lowe's has a higher value one for only 99.99. >> xbox. >> video game and gaming consoles are always recommended. great buys on black friday. 20 percent savings on these systems. at target you can get ps 2 bundle for $200. at sam's club you can get the con soule and controller you get the sensor two games also get a free month of xbox live to connect with the internet and
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get internet games and a free month of hulu plus for 199. these deals are available across multiple retailers. oo 26 after the hour. still to come obama care is supposed to cut healthcare costs. not healthcare workers. unfortunately one hospital says that might be the harsh reality. >> do you use yelp to pick a restaurant or even a doctor. turns out some businesses paid for those positive reviews. we will tell you what you need to know to spot a fake next. on this day in history back in 1962 the cubin missile crisis ended.
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>> welcome book to fox and friends first. i am heather childers. >> i am patti ann browne. >> the middle east crisis now in the 7th day. >> the escalating violence prompting president obama to sevened hilla -- send hillary cn in to the region. live at the israel graza border with more. >> along the border above gaza city we are seeing the air asmo
2:31 am
rise. we had incoming. so far mortars injured at least one israeli over head we have the sound of israeli helicopter gun ships and drones ready to take a shot. they come out toward the border there. the higher they go into the defense they intercepted a number of missiles fared today. they found a way to interrupt the system where they niered about 30 rockettes. this is a major israeli city down in the south. the rocket he is destroyed one house and hit a bus. the bus was empty. the million of people who live in rocket range a lot of them thread to the north people are not heading out to work as they normally would and many schools are shut. day 7 of israeli air strikes inside gaza continue. many are saying the israelis are running out of their target bank in terms of what to hit and are
2:32 am
now lacking for those rocket scenes as they look around and rocket launching sites. 110 people inside gaza dead many civilians some of those children over 1,000 people wounded so far inside the gaza stripe overnight. they picked what they call the hamas bank they are trying to destroy. now level with the infrastructure. we are going to get into progress a cease fire talk of secretary of state visit or whether we are going to have tanks move in for a ground invasion. back to you in new york. thank you very much. >> time now for your 5@5:30. the top five stories making news for you at this hour. a person of interest hazem merged in the seri-- has emerge. the fbi and nypd want to question this man carrying a duffle bag. sur violence video shows him at
2:33 am
two of the three crime scenes. three new york shop keepers have been killed. police believe the suspect's fascination with numerology factored into his motivation. the address where each person was killed included the number 8. >> they are here illegally now they qualify for in state resident rates for college tuition. that is the policy announced by massachusetts governor patrick. he said thousands of illegal immigrants in the state would qualify. one student struggled to put himself through the school says this sends the wrong message. >> it is difficult for the kids in the state who are here to get into certain classes to get into specific places. it will make it more difficult for those kids to get in if everyone can get into the in state tuition. supporters say it will help the state in the long run. >> another company forced to make cuts because of obama care. with the largest taffe reinstruction in the nearly 100
2:34 am
year history. the company is cutting up to 400 jobs because of the healthcare overall. that is about 3 percent of the work force>> a texas mom is suing her daughter's school district. an extreme workout caused her 13-year-old to be hospital identified. he instrushgsed them to do more than 100 squats, sprints and pushups despite being under doctor's orders to limit physical activity. >> i felt something wasn't right in my legs. it was an unusual pain. >> seeing her on the floor bint over literally in pain not able to bend her legs not sit in the car correctly was very, very scary. >> school districts have immunity from being sued in most cases. the court will decide in january if this case will move forward.
2:35 am
>> if you looked at the sky earlier this morning you may have been able to see a scene similar to this one. that is because the annual leading edge meteor shower was expect to do make a repeat performance between midnight and 3 am eastern time. the shower peaked over the weekend. it could still be seen last night after earth passed through another debris form. that is your 5@5:30. >> stick to go the skies for a moment before you leave the house this morning let's get the first degree weather update from maria molina. one of the busiest travel days of the year. >> good morning everyone. yes, we are talking one of the busiest times to travel of the year right before thanksgiving as you head ohm to t home to vi families. what i have for you is good news. quiet weather conditions not just for today but even as we head into tomorrow. many big airport hubs like jfk
2:36 am
airport will be seeing quiet weather today. 38 degrees out there. the same for you in atlanta hartsfield airport, chicago, dallas, denver and los angeles. from the east coast to west coast generally quiet weather conditions. the exception is across portions of the pacific northwest. this is where we could be seeing major travel issues not just in the airport but the higher elevations we are talking snowfall up to 3 feet possible in the cascade mountain range and lower elevations dealing with areas of heavy rain from 5-10 inches of rain will be possible along interstate 5. keep that in mind from seattle down into portland an lot of the moisture will trek eastward as the storm system continues to move inland. we see the heavy rain across oregon and snow along the higher elevations. it is very quiet there are a couple of showers across the great lakes. not a big deal.
2:37 am
otherwise temperatures will be mild today. heather and patti ann across portions of the plains. >> maria molina, thanks. with over 70 million visitors each year yelp reviews are taken pretty seriously. turns out some of the companies on yelp may have purchased those fake positive reviews. now the web site is ready to clamp down and fox business network diane macedo has more for us. >> yelp announced a crack down against fake consumer reviews and it will expose any company trying to gain the system. despite the filter content di guidelines and terms of service the allure of having a page full of five star reviews is driving some business owners to offer money for positive reviews. 30 percent of on-line reviews are actually fake. yelp is using a new filter and detective stifle forts to help
2:38 am
uncover companies that purchase reviews and showing the world what they have done with a big red warning complete with the link to the evidence. the alert will be removed after 90-days unless yelp finds the business is still trying to mislead consumers. you can help protect yourself from falling for fake reviews positive or negative by paying attention to the language and the writer. real reviewers usually focus on the business to look at physical appearance such as size and decor. if you have other reviews up they also tend to be more trust worthy than anonymous review or one offer review. a large majority play by the rules and large majority of reviews are real. >> this shouldn't keep you away patty ann. they are trying to get to the bottom of the matter and exposing those people trying to
2:39 am
get a review. trying to entertain this bruce jenner denying reports he and his wife are splitting up. it was reported he was consulting divorce lawyers but when arriving at lax he told photographers his marriage was fine. >> now you can ride the rock and roll train on itunes. >> patti ann is jamming out over here. ac/dc agreed to release all of the music to itunes. 16 studio albums the band was one of the few acts that had held out on releasing its music. tom brady is in another commercial for ugg's. the latest ad telling a story the quarterback told the wall street journal about how even before he was a partner of ugg he would give his offensive linemen a pair of the ascot
2:40 am
slirps for christmas. >> such a manly football gift. >> now for your starting lineup the top sports stories first to monday night football. the 49ers routing the bears. it was the first start for kafer nishg k. david beckham will be out of the galaxy. the mls cup on december 1st will be his last game with the la galaxy. he has not announced what he will do next. drew brees will donate a million dollars to help victims of hurricane sandy. that is on top of the amount that brees and his wife already donated which is over $11 million through their foundation. 40 after the hour. still ahead it's not easy being green. why so many solar companies say they are not able to find qualified workers. >> we told you about parents who want to stop an elementary school from taking kids to see a charlie brown christmas play. it is your last chance to answer
2:41 am
our question of the day. do the parents that are opposing the school's trip to see that play is a bah hum bug we are reading your e-mails next. >> announcer: 'tis the season of more-- more shopping, more dining out... and along with it, more identity theft. by the time this holiday season is over, an estimated 1.2 million identities may be stolen. every time you pull out your wallet, shop online or hit the road, you give thieves a chance to ruin your holiday. by the time you're done watching this, as many as 40 more identities may be stolen. you can't be on the lookout 24/7, but lifelock can. they're relentless about protecting your identity every minute of every day. when someone tries to take over your bank accounts, drain the equity in your home, or even tries to buy a car in your name,
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>> it is now 15 minutes to the top of the hour. let's span the globe to see what stories are making headlines overseas. first to cambodia where the president is wrapping up his four-day trip to southeastern asia. the president is expect to do depart any moment. he attended the meeting with the association of southeast asian nations and met with prime minister. next in australia the man convicted of strapping a fake bomb around the neck of a school girl has learned his fate. paul douglas peters has been sentenced to 13 and a half years behind bars. >> finally over to london england where there a big baby
2:45 am
news brewing according to kate middleton's former roommate. she plans to announce next month she is pregnant. >> well, brand new details this morning on the tragic home explosion in indianapolis that killed two people and left hundreds of people homeless. >> wxin's michael hendricks is live outside of the richmond hills subdivision where it took place. we have the latest details on this developing story. michael? >> good morning. you can see police across the street here still guarding the neighborhood. flood lights are still inside as the investigation continues. this happened two saturdays ago on november 10th. yet last night is the first time we officially heard police say this is a criminal investigation, a homicide investigation. they do not believe this house exploded by accident. that's not to say they meant for their two neighbors to die in the explosion the actual explosion they believe was
2:46 am
caused in a criminal fashion. they released a lot of information last night. they were looking for a white van. a neighbor tells us here that they saw a white van and two men walked quickly away from the how is that exploded. the afternoon that exploded they put out a reward looking for information leading to this white van. fox since learned that police had ceased the white van they are questioning the homeowners they interviewed them twice and there are a lot of layers of the onion to peel away. >> mike hendricks reporting live for us. >> time for the brew on this question of the day. we have the responses now earlier in the show. we told you about parents in arkansas protesting a school trip to see the christmas play a charlie brown christmas in a church. we wanted to know what you think. do these parents who oppose the trip deserve a bah hum bug or a standing o? here are some of your responses. suzette says bah hum bug.
2:47 am
if they can't read scriptures they are leaving him out. >> beth says neither the parents who don't want to go stay home those who would like to go should be able to go. >> christopher says this it seems silly to deny kids possibility of a field trip. some don't understand or see the religious theme of the christmas but only see their families are being scrooges. >> 47 after the top of the hour. the country is ready to go green president obama says. why are so many solar company unable to find qualified workers. >> plus preparing to hit the road or hid to the airport for thanksgiving what you need to know to navigate the busiest travel day of the year. let's check in with brian kilmeade. >> we are going to have the latest from gaza as you see the iron dome performing unbelievably knocking out 90 percent of the missiles in israel. will it be enough? we give into your demands.
2:48 am
we will find out if the peace talks work or if an invasion will take place. live in a matter of moments colonel allen west will have a bid in florida where he lost .058 percent of the vote. he want to see if he can get a recount make many believe he actually won that race. live in the studio rudy giuliani he will be talking about the 90 plus republicans who say you better not nominate ambassador rice secretary of state president obama will find out where that is going. all coming up on fox and friends doochlt miss a security. if you think running a restaurant is hard, try running four. fortunately we've got ink. it gives us 5x the rewards on our internet, phone charges and cable, plus at office supply stores. rewards we put right back into our business. this is the only thing we've ever wanted to do and ink helps us do it.
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make your mark with ink from chase.
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>> 9 minutes before the top of the hour. the majority of companies cannot
2:52 am
find employees. the solar foundation found 63 percent said it's difficult to find educated workers. >> thinking of taking turkey gravy on the plane with you. that's one of the items they will not allow at checkpoints. the agency says it is subject to additional screening for those items. the cameras have frosting. we have an app for that. many of you are home ready to hit the road for holiday travels whether by car or plane it could come maybe with much aggravation. we have apps and we have gadgets to help make traveling a little bit easier this season. joining us is senior editor of travel lo travelocity. you can gt it on a smart phone and it helps with your itinerary or more. >> travelocity is my go to app for booking travel and imagining
2:53 am
itineraries. it's all in one place so you can book flights, hotels vacation packages and keep an eye out for mobile ex complusi-- exclusive . they offer up to 50 percent of all of the hotels. >> the next app goes on with what patti ann was talking about. it let's you know what you can and cannot take on a flight. >> that's right. tsa takes the app recently and it not only give the you incredible amount of information about the airport the feature i love most is can i bring it? you can enter the contemplated item it will let you know yes or no. turkeys are allowed cranberry sauce gravy don't bring it. >> finally the last app you are talking about is gas buddy. it talks about gas prices. >> a lot of people are take to go the roads this thanksgiving and gas buddy will tell you the cheapest prices in the area you are traveling.
2:54 am
it collects gas prices from the users of the app. people who use the app with prizes and points. lock in a good deal. >> moving in the gadgets the first one always hate it when you run out of juice the battery power smart phone goes dead especially when you are traveling. >> hubbing oh you use your app if you don't have an iphone? it is a case that hooks on to your iphone very sleep and functional it provide 160 percent battery power. so you really can travel and not have to worry about those dies batteries. >> this one is like military grade. >> it is $129 but the basic version is $79. up next turning your mobile device into a wi-fi hot spot this is the verizon jet bapack well. >> you can hook up to 10 devices this jet pack here and it has 4
2:55 am
g lge speed super fast super great when you are traveling and want to stay connected. >> it can provide wi-fi access for up to 10 devices. >> your tablets your phones your cameras with blue tooth technology any device it's about $140. all of these gadgets and apps hopefully make your travel less aggravating. thank you so much. appreciate it. coming up the time is about 5 minutes to the top of the hour. millions of tax dollars use to do build a beautiful harbor in alaska. there's no way to get to it. can you figure out the word of the day? stick around for the answer. [ fishing rod casting line, marching band playing ]
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>> two minutes until the top
2:59 am
of the hour as we look at good, bad and ugly. first the good, nascar has the first female hit woman. kristin abbott. she will be responsible for the front tire. >> and jersey shore the mike the situation, had a situation on his hands. he accidentally tweeted his cell phone number to all one million of his followers. and finally the ugly, the island in alaska has a brand new harbor that costs taxpayers 29 million. but here is the problem, there is no problem connecting it to the town which is two miles away. it will be a few years before the road gets built. >> and it is time to get scrambled up and steve doocy is here to help us unscrable.


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